7th International Veterinary Congress September 04-06, 2017 Paris, France “Impeccable Growth of the Veterinary Sector”


7th International Veterinary Congress
September 04-06, 2017 Paris, France
Impeccable Growth of the Veterinary Sector

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Meet World Leading Veterinarians & Industrialists from 50 Countries & 5 Continents

This veterinary conference focuses on the exponential growth taking place in the veterinary sector. Veterinary medicine has responsibilities in biomedical research; ecosystem management; public health; food and agricultural systems; and care of companion animals, wildlife, exotic animals, and food animals. The veterinary profession contributes to improvement of human and public health by improving agriculture and food systems, advancing biomedical and comparative medical research, preventing and addressing zoonotic diseases, enhancing environmental and ecosystem health, and helping manage 21st century public health challenges.

We take this opportunity to welcome you all in Paris, France. Mark Veterinary 2017 in the veterinary conferences 2017 calendar and join us to have an exciting experience and worthy scientific moments

Veterinary 2017 Tracks: (Submit your abstract today)


·         Veterinary

·         Veterinary Medicine

·         Veterinary Epidemiology

·         Veterinary Research

·         Economics and industry

·         Animal Nutrition

·         Animal Reproduction and Genetics

·         Animal Biotechnology



·         Livestock Production & Management

·         Veterinary Forensics

·         Animal welfare

·         Poultry Production

·         Dairy Technology

·         Animal Models and Testing

·         Veterinary Care and Management

·         Entrepreneurs Investment Meet

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