Anandwardhan A. Hardikar Associate Professor, Group leader and Australian Future Fellow (ARC), The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Journal Editor of microRNAs in Diabetes and Obesity

Fields of interest: 

Non-coding RNA biology, Visceral adiposity, stem cells, Diabetes

Selected publications:

Satoor SN, Puranik AS, Kumar S, Williams MD, Ghale M, Rahalkar A, Karandikar MS, Shouche Y, Patole M, Bhonde R, Yajnik  CS, Hardikar AA: Location, location, location: Beneficial effects of autologous fat transplantation. Scientific Reports 1:81 DOI: 10.1038/srep00081 (2011)

Vaithilingam V, Quayum N, Joglekar MV, Jensen J, Hardikar AA, Oberholzer J, Guillemin GJ, Tuch BE(...)

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