How to Establish Open Access Journal?

De Gruyter Open publishes English language journals and other serials in open access on behalf of research institutes, societies, universities and other organizations.

If you would like to present full-text content of your serial in open access, we would be pleased to publish it in either the journal-pays or author-pays model. Under the journal-pays model, the publishing costs are borne by the organization that owns the publication, with neither the reader nor the author incurring any costs. Under the author-pays model, publishing costs are borne by the author’s organization.

Open Access Gold – Journal funded by an Organization

De Gruyter Open offers three packages

De Gruyter Open Lite

(includes essential publishing solutions and services)

  • Inclusion of the journal in a strong collection of Open Access publications
  • Dedicated journal webpage at
  • Distribution to libraries worldwide; IP authorization
  • Librarian support (FAQ, E-mail)
  • Allocation of DOI and metadata distribution to CrossRef
  • Online tool to detect plagiarism (CrossCheck)
  • Preparation of publication metadata for sharing with abstracting and indexing (A&I) services
  • Indexing by full-text repositories, as well as distribution to such repositories
  • Indexing by Open Access directories, as well as metadata sharing with such directories
  • Storage by long-term preservation service(s)

Open Access Publishing under the Organization-Pays Model

  • Indexing by Google and other search engines
  • Pre-evaluation for Medline; preparation and pre-evaluation of application for Thomson Scientific; advice for augmenting citation frequency and Impact Factor
  • Advice on how to grow reference linking
  • Content usage statistics

De Gruyter Open Classic

  • Includes all services listed under De Gruyter Open “Lite”
  • Additionally, access to an advanced online submission and issue management system (Editorial Manager)

De Gruyter Open Prestige

  • Includes all services listed under De Gruyter Open “Classic”
  • Additionally, we provide full production and editorial services, such as copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, and file composition

Open Access Gold – Journal funded by Article Processing Charges Article Processing Charges

As opposed to toll-access model, which relies on subscriptions to finance the journal, the most common mechanism of funding open access journals are so called publication fees or article processing charges. The costs associated with publishing are recouped by APC, usually collected and provided by author’s affiliation or a research funding institution. This way unlimited and immediate access to research is ensured without incurring any costs to the user.

Under this model, publishing costs are borne by the author or author’s institution. De Gruyter Open provides all services needed for Open Access publication. The cooperating journal receives a share of publication proceeds, which are collected by De Gruyter Open.

Benefits for the cooperating journal

  • Publication costs are covered by De Gruyter Open; the journal receives a share of revenues
  • Online manuscript submission and peer-review system (Editorial Manager1)
  • Online system to detect plagiarism (CrossCheck)
  • Full production and editorial services (copy editing, typesetting, proofreading)
  • Allocation of DOI and metadata distribution to CrossRef
  • Distribution to libraries and integration with library catalog systems
  • Increasing citations as a result of greater visibility
  • Indexing by approx. 150 different abstracting databases, incl. ISI and PubMed

How to Establish a New Journal?

Self-publishing and so called green open access have been a popular model of publishing a journal for many Learned Societies. If you would like to benefit from professional publishing solutions, talk to us. We have been a dedicated and trusted publisher of choice for more than 100 Learned Societies and academic institutions.