Bioinspired Materials

Topical Issue on Micro-structured bioinspired functional surfaces

Guest Editors

Nicola Pugno
Barbara Mazzolai
Virgilio Mattoli


In the last years bio-mimetic functional surfaces are attracting more and more attention of the research community for the possibility to be exploited in the new relevant technological applications. Nature provides a wide range of surfaces having useful functions and properties. These can be studied to extract new principles and mechanisms for the development of artificial surfaces with unique properties and among them are: self-cleaning, water harvesting, air retention, dry adhesion, antifouling, water drag reduction and structural coloration. Noteworthy natural systems exploit a few fundamental building blocks (e.g. structural proteins) to have a wide range of different functions. In fact, in addition to surface chemistry and material mechanical properties, a fundamental role in generating natural surface properties is played by the micro-nano topography of the material as well as its multi-scale hierarchical structure.

Recent progresses in micro-nano fabrication technologies allow to replicate the complex hierarchical microstructures of natural surfaces opening the way to study new unexplored exciting possibilities in this field. These technologies include bottom up approaches (based on micro-nano level self assembly of nanoparticles, fibres, wrinkles, etc.) and top down approaches (such as, for example, direct 3D laser lithography).

This Special Issue intends to cover the recent progress in this field, including the design, development and characterization of new micro-structured surfaces based on polymeric systems and composites, the development of new patterning techniques for the fabrication of 3D bioinspired microstructure, the understanding of the natural principles extendable to technological applications, as well as the characterization, modelling and simulation of biological functional surfaces. Our aim is to highlight remarkable contributions made by the leading scientists in this research area and the potential impact of bioinspired functional surface research.

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