Are you an ambitious student or recent graduate who wants to build up their experience? Are you looking for a challenge in an international working environment? Are you passionate about the internet and all things online? Then apply for our internship.

How does it work?

The internship programme at De Gruyter Open consists of three stages – each of them performed remotely – from home. The first one is unpaid and involves internet research. It typically takes 1-2 months depending on the candidate’s availability and upon the completion the intern gets a reference letter. If you want to progress further with De Gruyter Open and demonstrate skills and commitment, we can offer you paid internship in either sales, marketing or production department. If this stage of the internship programme is successfully completed and so is your job interview at De Gruyter Open we may offer you permanent employment.


  • Level 1 Unpaid internship – building databases of scientists
  • Level 2 Paid internship in selected department: sales, production, marketing
  • Level 3 Permanent employment in selected department: sales, production, marketing
  • you get valuable experience of time and project management
  • you can enhance your language skills by using them in practice
  • you organise your time the way you want as you work from home
  • you do not have to commute
  • you get insight into the work of an international publishing house
  • you get a reference letter
  • you can get a chance of permanent employment

In order to apply send your curriculum vitae along with a cover letter to:

The ideal candidate:
  • is passionate about the internet and eager to learn new things,
  • speaks fluent English and preferably another language,
  • is conscientious and good at managing their time.
More info

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