Open Archaeology

Topical Issue on Advances in Arctic Archaeology


Peter Whitridge, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Max Friesen, University of Toronto, Canada


‘Advances in Arctic Archaeology’ surveys exciting recent developments in the archaeology of arctic North America. The north is changing rapidly, due to global warming, the related expansion of tourism and resource extraction, and the emergence of new political relationships between indigenous communities, scientists and government. While the archaeological record is under threat from rising sea levels, melting permafrost, and human disturbance, opportunities for cooperative research are expanding and increasingly accessible geomatic and imaging technologies are revealing the record in unexpected ways. Contributors to the volume explore some of these new methodological and theoretical approaches, illustrating them with the results of ongoing field and laboratory research on sites ranging from Bering Strait to Greenland, and from Ellesmere Island to Labrador.

Instruments of Change: Late Dorset Palaeoeskimo Drums and Shamanism on Coastal Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada
Tim Rast, Christopher B. Wolff

Middle Dorset Communal Structures on Victoria Island
Max Friesen

From Science to Survival: Using Virtual Exhibits to Communicate the Significance of Polar Heritage Sites in the Canadian Arctic
Peter Dawson, Richard Levy

Manual Point Cloud Classification and Extraction for Hunter-Gatherer Feature Investigation: A Test Case From Two Low Arctic Paleo-Inuit Sites
David B. Landry, S. Brooke Milne, Robert W. Park, Ian J. Ferguson, Mostafa Fayek

Re-Presenting the Past: A New Archaeological Outreach Strategy for the Canadian Territory of Nunavut
Brendan Griebel, Torsten Diesel, Tim Rast

Archaeological Site Vulnerability Modelling: The Influence of High Impact Storm Events on Models of Shoreline Erosion in the Western Canadian Arctic
Michael J. E. O’Rourke

An Early Inupiaq Occupation: Observations on a Thule House From Cape Espenberg, Alaska
Lauren E. Y. Norman, T. Max Friesen, Claire Alix, Michael J. E. O’Rourke, Owen K. Mason