Organic Photonics and Photovoltaics

Topical Issue on OPP Research in China


Xugang Guo,
Associate Professor,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
South University of Science and Technology of China


Organic photonics and photovoltaics (OPP) materials and device is a highly active research field and attracting a great deal of attentions from scientists working in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, and Electronic Engineering. Their enabled low-cost ubiquitous electronics could offer new functionalities and transform our routine life from displays to solar cells and to communication.

China has been the major powerhouse on the international stage for advancing the progress of this extremely exciting and highly competitive research field. Major universities in China have highly motivated scientists working in the field. Several state key laboratories and centers have been established to facilitate their applications in real world, but also are highly engaged in the fundamental aspects of OPP research. We are excited to launch this special issue OPP Research in China, which welcomes the submission of theoretical and experimental papers from China on all aspects ranging from fundamental sciences to commercial applications.


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