Ana Claudia Arias

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California Berkeley

Fields of interest

Dr. Arias’ research focuses on the use of electronic materials processed from solution in flexible electronic systems.
She uses printing techniques to design and fabricate flexible large area electronic devices and sensors.


Recent publications

T. N. Ng, B. Russo, B. Krusor, R. Kist, A. C. Arias,
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Organic Electronics  12, 2012-2018 (2011).

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Solution-Processed Memristive Junctions used in a Threshold Indicator,
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A. M. Gaikwad, G. L. Whiting, D. A. Steingart, A. C.Arias,
Highly Flexible, Printed Alkaline Batteries Based on Mesh-Embedded Electrodes,
Advanced Materials 23, 3251–3255 (2011).

L. L. Lavery, G. L. Whiting and A. C. Arias,
All ink-jet printed polyfluorene photosensor for high illuminance detection,
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Degradation mechanisms of organic ferroelectric field-effect transistors used as nonvolatile memory,
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Solution based self-assembly of an array of encapsulated polymeric thin-film transistors,
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