Dr. Ali Asghar

Assistant Professor
National Institute of Food Science and Technology
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
E-mail: Ali.asghar@uaf.edu.pk
Page: http://uaf.edu.pk/EmployeeDetail.aspx?userid=423

Fields of interest:

Food Technology, Cereal Science, Bakery, Sugars

Recent publications (selected):

Asghar A, Anjum, F.M and  Allen, J.C . 2011., Utilization of dairy byproduct proteins, surfactants, and enzymes in frozen dough. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 51 (4): 374 – 382

Asghar, A, Anjum, F.M., Butt, M.S and Randhawa, M.A., 2012, Effect of Polyols on The Rheological and Sensory Parameters of Frozen Dough Pizza, Food Science and Technology Research , 18(6):781-787

Aziz, A.,  Randhawa,M.A., Butt, M.S., Asghar, A., Yasin, M., and Shibamoto, T.,  2012, Glycoalkaloids (α-Chaconine and α-Solanine) Contents of Selected Pakistani Potato Cultivars and Their Dietary Intake  Assessment, Journal of Food Science, 77(3): 58-61

Parveen, R., Asghar, A., Anjum, F.M., Khan, M.I, Arshad, M.S. and Yasmeen, A. 2013. Selective deposition of dietary α-Lipoic acid in mitochondrial fraction and its synergistic effect with α-Tocoperhol acetate on broiler meat oxidative stability. Lipids in Health and Disease 12:52.

Waheed, A., Rasool, G and Asghar, A, 2010. Effect of interesterified palm and cottonseed oil blends on cookie quality Agric. Biol. J. N. Am., 1(3): 402-406

Asghar, A and Abbas, M., 2012, Dried egg powder utilization, a new frontier in bakery products, Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America , 3(12): 493-505

Majeed, M., Asghar, A., Randhawa, M.A,  Shahzad, M.A., Sohaib, M. and Abdullah, 2013. Ochratoxin A in cereal products, potential hazards and prevention strategies: A review. Pak. J. Food Sci., 23(1): 52- 61

Asghar, A. and Majeed, M.N., 2013. Chemical characterization and fatty acid profile of different sesame verities in Pakistan. Am. J. Sci. Ind. Res., 2013, 4(6): 540-545.

Afzal, S., Shehzad, A., Randhawa, M.A., Asghar, A., Shoaib, M and Jahangir, M.A. 2013. Health Benefits and Importance of Utilizing Wheat and Rye.  Pak. J. Food Sci. 23(4), 212-222