Dr. Andrea S. Dauber-Griffin, CPC, CCC

Department of Sociology
UC San Diego/University of San Diego
Managing Editor, Sociology
E-mail: Andrea.DauberGriffin@degruyteropen.com
Page: http://www.andreadauber.de

Responsibilities at De Gruyter Open:

  • Strategically plans and manages Open Access Books publishing program in sociology
  • Searches for good book proposals and manuscripts
  • Builds team of Associate Editors in all subfields of sociology
  • Assists authors in development of book manuscripts
  • Coordinates book copyediting, technical editing and production

Fields of interest:

Sociology of Gender, Life Course, Family, Crime & Criminality, Popular Culture, Theory

Recent publications:

A. Dauber, K. Hunt:
Private For-Profit Universities: Inflating Academic Degrees and Hurting the Economy?
Gause, C. P. (Ed.), Leadership, equity, and social justice in higher education. NY, NY: Peter Lang, 2014 forthcoming.

A. Dauber:
The Increasing Visibility of Right-Wing Extremist Women in Contemporary Europe: Great Britain an Exception?
Bitzan, Renate/König, Michaela (Eds.): Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe, 2014 forthcoming.

A. Dauber:
Not All Nazis Are Men: Women’s Underestimated Potential for Violence in German Neo National Socialism.
Segal, Marcia T./Demos, Vasilikie (Eds.): Advances in Gender Research, Vol. 18b, MA: Emerald, 2014 forthcoming.

A. Dauber:
Killing Parents: How Gender Turns Some Into Monsters and Others Into Victims.
Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2014 forthcoming.

A. Dauber:
Arbeitsmarkterfordernis berufliche Mobilität: Geschlechtergleichheit in der Krise? Aspekte sozialer Ungleichheit in privaten Paarbeziehungen unter der Prämisse beruflich induzierter räumlicher Mobilität [Job Mobility as Labor Market Requirement: The Crisis of Gender Equality? Aspects of Social Inequality in Couples Against the Background of Job-related Spatial Mobility].
Opladen: Barbara Budrich uni press, 2012.

A. Dauber:
Die Aufgabenbereiche sind klar verteilt [The tasks are clearly distributed]. In: Spielmann, Klant/Raphael, Michael (Eds.): Grundkurs Film 3. Die besten Kurzfilme [Basic course Film 3. The Best Short Films].
Bildungshaus Schulbuchverlage Westermann Schroedel, 219; 2012.

A. Dauber:
Teaching about Families from Gender and Intergeneration Perspective.
TRAILS, Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, 2012.

B. Collet, A. Dauber:
How gendered is job-related mobility?
Schneider, Norbert F./Collet, Beate (Eds.): Mobile Living Across Europe II. Causes and Consequences of Job-Related Spatial Mobility in Cross-National Perspective, Opladen: Barbara Budrich, 2010.

N. F. Schneider, S. Ruppenthal, D. Lück, H. Rüger and A. Dauber:
Germany – A Country of Locally Attached but Highly Mobile People.
Schneider, Norbert F./Meil, Gerardo (Eds.): Mobile Living across Europe. Volume 1: Relevance and Diversity of Job-Related Spatial Mobility in Six European Countries. Opladen: B. Budrich 105-147; 2008.