Anna V. Dybo

Institute of Linguistics
Russian Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest:

historical linguistics, ethnography, comparative linguistics

Recent publications:

A. Dybo
Bulgars and Slavs: Phonetic Features in Early Loanwords
In: E. Mańczak-Wohlfeld, B. Podolak (eds.), Studies on the Turkic World. Festschrift in Honour of Stanisław Stachowski, Kraków 2010, pp. 21-40.

A. Dybo, G. S. Starostin
In defense of the comparative method, or the end of the Vovin controversy.
Aspects of Comparative Linguistics 3 (2008), 109-258 (in Russian), Moscow: RSUH Publishers 2008.

A. Dybo
Reconstruction of Proto-Oguz Conjugation. (in Russian).
Aspects of Comparative Linguistics 2 (2007), 259-280. Moscow: RSUH Publishers 2007.

A. Dybo
Dental explosives in Proto-Turkic (in Russian)
Aspects of Comparative Linguistics 1 (2005), 49-82. Moscow: RSUH Publishers 2005.

A. Dybo, S. A. Starostin and O. A. Mudrak.
Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages, 3 volumes.
Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers 2003.