Adamakis Emmanouil

PhD student
Department of Physical Education and Sport Science
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Fields of interest:

Sport science, education, physical education, health, physical activity

Recent publications:

M. Adamakis, K. Zounhia:
Do pre-service teachers’ beliefs toward Physical Education curricular outcomes develop during an academic year?
FIEP Bulletin (in press).

M. Adamakis, N. A. Stavrou, E. M. Georgadis, M. Yannakoulia:
John: A coordinated approach to developing an active lifestyle.
In K. Armour (ed.), Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport. London: Routledge (2014).

M. Adamakis, K. Zounhia:
Greek Undergraduate Physical Education Students’ Basic Computer Skills.
The Physical Educator 70(2), 134-153, (2013).

M. Adamakis, K. Zounhia, D. Hatzopoulos, A. Dania:
Beliefs toward curricular outcomes: A comparative study between physical education students of two Greek Universities.
In E. McEvoy & M. Lenartowics (Eds.), Physical Education and Sport, Challenging the Future (p. 143). Warsaw, Poland: AIESEP (2013).

M. Adamakis, K. Zounhia, D. Hatziharistos, M. Psychountaki:
Προκαταρκτική μελέτη εγκυρότητας και αξιοπιστίας της κλίμακας “Πεποιθήσεις για τη Φυσική Αγωγή” (Preliminary study on validity and reliability control of the “Beliefs toward curriculum in Physical Education” scale).
Kinesiology, 5, 8-9, (2012).