Alexander Agadjanian

Professor, PhD
Center for the Study of Religion
Russian State University for the Humanities

Fields of interest: 

religon in modern and postmosdern world

Recent publications:

Laicité: International Experience and its Application in Russia and Eurasia (co-edited), Moscow, 2008 (in Russian)

Religious Practices in Today’s Russia (co-edited), Moscow: Novoe Izdatel’stvo, 2006 (in Russian)

Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age (co-edited), Walnut Creek etc.: Altamira Press, 2005

Liberal Individual and Christian Culture: Russian Orthodox Teaching on Human Rights in Social Theory Perspective, Religion, State and Society, 2 (2010)

Individual and Collective Identities in Russian Orthodoxy, co-authored with K. Rousselet, in C. Hann, G. Holtz, eds., Eastern Christians in Anthropological Perspective, University of California Press, 2010

Eastern Christianities, chapter in: Routledge Encyclopedia: The World's Religions: Continuities and Transformations, Routledge, 2008

In difesa dell’universalitàe dell’individualismo. Riposta ad Adam Seligman, – Daimon, Vol. 7, 2007, p. 239-254
Why and How Study Russian Religious Practices? Co-authored with K. Rousselet, in A. Agadjanian and K. Rousselet, eds., Religious Practices in Today’s Russia,   Moscow: Novoe Izdatel’stvo, 2006

The Search for Privacy and the Return of a Grand Narrative: Religion in a Post-Communist Society, Social Compass, vol. 53 (2006), 169-184. 

Eastern Orthodoxy in the Global Age: Preliminary Considerations (co-authored with V. Roudometof). In:  V. Roudometof, A. Agadjanian and J. Pankhurst, eds., Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age, Walnut Creek etc.: Altamira Press, 2005, 1-28

Globalization and Identity Discourse in Russian Orthodoxy (co-authored with K. Rousselet). In: V. Roudometof, A. Agadjanian and J. Pankhurst, eds., Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age, Walnut Creek etc. : Altamira Press, 2005, 29-57.

“Pourquoi et comment etudier les pratiques religieuses en Russie?” (co-authored with K. Rousselet), Revue d’Etudes Comparatives East/Ouest, vol. 36, decembre 2005, Paris, p. 5-17

Dharma and Empire: Foundations and Limits of the Sacralization of Power in Buddhist Political Tradition. A Chapter in D. Bondarenko, A. Korotaev, eds., Sacralization of Power in the History of Civilizations, 2005, Vol. 2, 149-180 (in Russian).