Ahmed I. Gomaa

Institute of Nutrition and Functional foods
Laval University, Canada
E-mail: Ahmed.el-sayed@mail.mcgill.ca

Fields of interest:

Food science and technology; Food engineering; Food technology; Food preservation; Food microbiology; Nutrition

Recent publications:

Gomaa A, and Boye J. (2015). Simultaneous Detection of Multi-allergens in a Spiked Food Matrix Using ELISA, Multiplex Flow Cytometry and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC MS). Food Chem. 175: 585-592.

Gomaa A, and Boye J. (2015). Impact of irradiation and thermal processing on the immunochemical detection of milk and egg allergens in foods. J. Food Res. Int. 74: 275–283.

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Geagea, H., Gomaa, A., Remondetto, G., Moineau, S., Subirade, M., 2015b. Investigation of the protective effect of whey proteins on lactococcal phages during heat treatment at various pH. International Journal of Food Microbiology 210, 33-41.

Dick M., Hac T., Gomaa, A., Subirade M., Flôres, S. (2015). Edible film production from chia seed mucilage: effect of glycerol concentration on its physicochemical and mechanical properties. Journal of carbohydrate Polymers. 130:198–205.

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Alvarez, P. Emond, C. Gomaa, A. Remondetto, G. E. and Subirade M. (2015). Predictive Response Surface Model for Heat-Induced Rheological Changes and Aggregation of Whey Protein Concentrate, Journal of Food Science. In Press. DOI: 10.1111/1750-3841.12747.

Gomaa A, and Boye J. (2013). Impact of thermal processing time and cookie size on the detection of casein, egg, gluten and soy allergens in food. J. Food Res. Int. 52, 2, 483–489

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Gomaa A, Sedman J, Ismail AA. (2013). Microwave treatment of β-lactoglobulin enhances enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency and formation of peptides with Ace-inhibitory activity.Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 55, 252-253.