Agnieszka Wagner

Assistant professor
Institute of Linguistics
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Fields of interest:

Prosody (annotation & modelling), non-native speech, foreign accent, language acquisition, emotional/expressive speech, speech recognition and synthesis, dialectal and regional variation in pronunciation, computer-assisted pronunciation training

Recent publications:

Wagner Agnieszka (2014)
“Rhythmic structure of utterances in native and non-native Polish”.
To appear in: Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2014, Dublin, May 20-23.

Wagner Agnieszka (2013)
“Struktura rytmiczna wypowiedzi w polskiej mowie natywnej i nienatywnej”
(Rhythmic structure of utterance in Polish native and non-native speech). Scripta manent – res novae, Stanisław Puppel, Teresa Tomaszkiewicz (Eds.) pp. 499-510.

Wagner Agnieszka (2012)
“Emotional speech production and perception in Polish: A framework of analysis”.
Speech and Language Technology, vol. 14/15, pp. 163-183.

Wagner Agnieszka (2012)
“Speech rhythm in native and non-native Polish”.
Proceedings of ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, Athens, 27-29 August 2012.

Wagner Agnieszka (2011)
“Automatic labeling of prosody”.
Speech and Language Technology vol. 14/15, D. Gibbon, D. Hirst & N. Campbell (Eds.), pp. 157-167.