Andreas Heinimann

Senior Research Scientist
Center for Development and Environment (CDE)
University of Bern

Fields of interest:

and use systems, sustainability science, development and policy oriented research

Recent publications:

Messerli P., Heinimann A., Giger M., Breu T., Schoenweger O.:
From ‘land grabbing’ to sustainable investments in land: potential contributions by land change science. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2013,

Bourgoin J., Castella J.C., Hett C., Lestrelin G., Heinimann A.:
Engaging Local Communities in Low Emissions Land Use Planning: A Case Study from Laos.
Ecology and Society 2013, 18: 9.

Heinimann A., Hett C., Hurni K., Epprecht M., Messerli P., Joegesnsen L., Breu T.:
Socio-economic perspectives on shifting cultivation landscapes in Northern Laos.
Human Ecology 2013 41 (1):51-62.

Hurni K., Hett C., Heinimann A., Messerli P., Wiesmann U.:
Dynamics of shifting cultivation landscapes in northern Lao PDR between 2000 and 2009 based on an analysis of MODIS time series and Landsat images.
Human Ecology 2013, 41: 21- 36.

Castella J. C., Lestrelin G., Hett C., Bourgoin J., Fitriana Y. R., Heinimann A., Pfund J .L.:
Effects of landscape segregation on livelihood vulnerability: Moving from extensive shifting cultivation to rotational agriculture and natural forests in northern Laos.
Human Ecology 2013, 41: 63 – 76.

Hett C., Heinimann A., Epprecht M., Messerli P., Hurni K.:
Carbon pools and poverty peaks in Lao PDR.
Mountain Research and Development 2012, 32: 390-399.

Vliet N., Mertz O., Heinimann A., Langanke T., Adams C., Messerli P., Leisz S., Pascual U., Schmook B., Schmidt-Vogt D., Castella J. C., Jørgensen L., Birch-Thomsen T., Hett C., Bech-Bruun T., Ickowitz A., Vu K. C., Yasuyuki K., Fox J., Dressler W., Padoch C., Ziegler A.:
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