Adam Leventhal

Assistant Professor
Department Preventive Medicine and Psychology
University of Southern California

Fields of interest: 

Etiology of addiction

Interrelation between personality, emotional disturbance, and addiction

Psychopharmacology of drug intoxication and withdrawal

Addiction genetics


Recent publications:

Leventhal, A.M., Brightman, M., Ameringer, K.A., Greenberg J., Mickens, L., Ray, L. A., Sun, P., &Sussman, S. (in press):
Anhedonia Associates with Stimulant Use and Dependence in a Population-Based Sample of American Adults.
Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology.  

Leventhal, A.M., David, S.P., Brightman, M., Strong, D, McGeary, J.E., Brown, R.A., Lloyd-Richardson, E. E., Munafo, M., Uhl, G., &Niaura, R. (in press).:
Dopamine D4 receptor gene variation moderates the efficacy of bupropion for smoking cessation. 
The Pharmacogenomics Journal.

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