David G. Amaral

Professor and Research Director, The M.I.N.D. Institute
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University of California
E-mail: dgamaral@ucdavis.edu
Page: http://neuroscience.ucdavis.edu/user/38


Fields of interest:

Neuroanatomical, behavioral and electrophysiological organization and functions of brain systems that are involved in learning, memory, emotion and social behavior

Neurobiological correlates of autism


Recent publications:

Bliss-Moreau E., Toscano J. E., Bauman M. D., Mason W. A., Amaral D. G.:
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Antoniadis E. A., Winslow J. T., Davis M., Amaral D. G.:
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Wills S., Cabanlit M., Bennett J., Ashwood P., Amaral D. G., Van de Water J.:
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Brain Behav. Immun. 2009; 23(1): 64-74.

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