Anna Pietranik

Dr. hab.
Department of Experimental Petrology
University of Wrocław, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management, Institute of Geological Sciences, Poland

Fields of interest

petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry of crystalline rocks and environmental samples

Recent publications

CJ Hawkesworth, B Dhuime, AB Pietranik, PA Cawood, AIS Kemp, CD Storey
The generation and evolution of the continental crust,
Journal of the Geological Society, 2010, v. 167, p. 229-248

Anna Pietranik, E Słodczyk, CJ Hawkesworth, C Breitkreuz, CD Storey, M Whitehouse, R Milke
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Journal of Petrology, 2013, v. 54, 1483-1501

Anna Pietranik, Craig Storey, Jakub Kierczak
Niemcza diorites and moznodiorites (Sudetes, SW Poland): a record of changing geotectonic setting at ca. 340 Ma
Geological Quarterly , 2013, v. 57, p. 325–-334

R Tyszka, J Kierczak, A Pietranik, V Ettler, M Mihaljevič
Extensive weathering of zinc smelting slag in a heap in Upper Silesia (Poland): Potential environmental risks posed by mechanical disturbance of slag deposits
Applied Geochemistry, 2014, v. 40, p. 70-81

Anna Pietranik, Craig Storey, Bruno Dhuime, Rafał Tyszka, Martin Whitehouse
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Lithos, 2011, v. 127, p. 455-467.

AB Pietranik, CJ Hawkesworth, CD Storey, AIS Kemp, KN Sircombe, MJ Whitehouse, W Bleeker
Episodic, mafic crust formation from 4.5 to 2.8 Ga: new evidence from detrital zircons, Slave craton, Canada
Geology, 2008, v. 36, p. 875-878

Jakub Kierczak, Anna Potysz, Anna Pietranik, Rafał Tyszka, Magdalena Modelska, Catherine Néel, Vojtěch Ettler, Martin Mihaljevič
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Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 2013, v. 124, p. 183-194

Anna Pietranik, Jurgen Koepke
Plagioclase transfer from a host granodiorite to mafic microgranular enclaves: diverse records of magma mixing
Mineralogy and Petrology, 2014, v. 108, p. 681-694

Anna Pietranik, Jurgen Koepke
Interactions between dioritic and granodioritic magmas in mingling zones: plagioclase record of mixing, mingling and subsolidus interactions in the Gęsiniec Intrusion, NE Bohemian Massif, SW Poland
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 2009, v. 158, p. 17-36

J Kierczak, A Pietranik
Mineralogy and composition of historical Cu slags from the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains, southwestern Poland
The Canadian Mineralogist, 2011, 49 (5), 1281-1296, 2011