Anet Režek Jambrak

Associate professor
Department of food process engineering
Faculty of food technology and biotechnology, Zagreb, Croatia

Fields of interest:

Non thermal and thermal food processing techniques, high power and low power ultrasound, microwave processing, electroporation, cold plasma

Recent publications:

Herceg, Z., Jambrak, A.R., Vukušić, T., Stulić, V., Stanzer, D., Milošević, S.
The effect of high-power ultrasound and gas phase plasma treatment on Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. count in pure culture
(2015) Journal of Applied Microbiology, 118 (1), pp. 132-141.

Jambrak, A.R., Vukušić, T., Stulić, V., Mrvčić, J., Milošević, S., Šimunek, M., Herceg, Z.
The Effect of High Power Ultrasound and Cold Gas-Phase Plasma Treatments on Selected Yeast in Pure Culture
(2014) Food and Bioprocess Technology, 10 p. Article in Press.

Jambrak, A.R., Mason, T.J., Lelas, V., Paniwnyk, L., Herceg, Z.
Effect of ultrasound treatment on particle size and molecular weight of whey proteins
(2014) Journal of Food Engineering, 121 (1), pp. 15-23.

Herceg, Z., Markov, K., šalamon, B.S., Jambrak, A.R., VukušiĆ, Kaliterna, J.
Effect of high intensity ultrasound treatment on the growth of food spoilage bacteria
(2013) Food Technology and Biotechnology, 51 (3), pp. 352-359.

Batur, V., Thagard, S.M., Jambrak, A.R., Vukušić, T., Herceg, Z.
Effect of tribomechanical micronisation and activation treatment on textural and thermophysical properties of wheat and potato starch gels
(2013) Food Technology and Biotechnology, 51 (2), pp. 278-283.

Elez Garofulić, I., Dragović-Uzelac, V., Režek Jambrak, A., Jukić, M.
The effect of microwave assisted extraction on the isolation of anthocyanins and phenolic acids from sour cherry Marasca (Prunus cerasus var. Marasca)
(2013) Journal of Food Engineering, 117 (4), pp. 437-442.

Šimunek, M., Jambrak, A.R., Petrović, M., Juretić, H., Major, N., Herceg, Z., Hruškar, M., Vukušić, T.
Aroma profile and sensory properties of ultrasound-treated apple juice and nectar
(2013) Food Technology and Biotechnology, 51 (1), pp. 101-111.

Šimunek, M., Jambrak, A.R., Dobrović, S., Herceg, Z., Vukušić, T.
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Herceg, Z., Juraga, E., Sobota-Šalamon, B., Režek-Jambrak, A.
Inactivation of mesophilic bacteria in milk by means of high intensity ultrasound using response surface methodology
(2012) Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 30 (2), pp. 108-117.