Marcis Auzinsh

Rector and head of the Chair of Experimental Physics
Department of Physics
University of Latvia

Fields of interest:

  • Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Laser Spectroscopy


Recent publications:

Auzinsh, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, L. Kalvans:
Detailed studies of non-linear magneto-optical resonances at D1 excitation of Rb-85 and Rb-87 for partially resolved hyperfine F-levels,
Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 79, (2009), p. 053404;

Auzinsh, E. I. Dashevskaya, I. Litvin, E. E. Nikitin and J. Troe:
Lambda-Doubling Spectroscopy in the Low-Temperature Capture of NO(/X/^2 Π_1/2 ) in Low Rotational States by C^+ Ions,
The Journal of Chemical Physics, (2009), pp. 014304-014314.

Auzinsh, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, and L. Kalvans:
F-resolved Magneto-optical Resonances at D1 Excitation of Cesium: Experiment and Theory,
Phys. Rev. A, Vol.78, (2008), p. 013417 ;

V. M. Acosta, M. Auzinsh, W. Gawlik, P. Grisins, J. M. Higbie, D. F. Jackson Kimball, L. Krzemien, M. P. Ledbetter, S. Pustelny, S. M. Rochester, V. V. Yashchuk, D. Budker:
Production and detection of atomic hexadecapole at Earth's magnetic field.
Optics Express, Vol. 16(15), (2008), pp.  11423 – 11430,

Sargsyan, G. Hakhumyan, A. Papoyan, D. Sarkisyan, A. Atvars, M. Auzinsh:
A method for the quantitative study of atomic transitions in a magnetic field based on an atomic vapor cell with thickness L =l,
Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 93, (2008), p. 021119;

Auzinsh,  N. N. Bezuglov and K. Miculis:
Manipulation of Dark States and Control of Coherent Processes with Spectrally Broad Light,
Phys. Rev. A, (2008), p. 053415 – 1 – 10

Auzinsh, K. Blusss, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, M. S. Safronova, U. I. Safronova, and M. Tamanis:
Level-crossing spectroscopy of the 7, 9, and 10D5/2 states of 133Cs and validation of relativistic many-body calculations of the polarizabilities and hyperfine constants;
Phys. Rev. A, (2007), 022502

A. Atvars, M. Auzinsh, E.A. Gazazyan, A.V. Papoyan, S.V. Shmavonyan:
Implementation of a double-scanning technique for studies of the Hanle effect in Rubidium vapor, 
The European Physical Journal D

Andreeva, A. Atvars, M. Auzinsh, K.Bluss, / /S. Cartaleva, L. Petrov, and D. Slavov:
Ground-state magneto-optical resonances in Cesium vapour confined in an extremely thin cell, Physical Review A, Vol.  76, (2007), p. 063804.

Marcis Auzinsh, Kaspars Blush, Ruvin Ferber, Florian Gahbauer, Andrey Jarmola, and Maris Tamanis:
Electric Field Induced Symmetry Breaking of Angular Momentum Distribution in Atoms,
Physical Review Letters,  Vol. 97, (2006), p. 043002(4)