Barrie Axford

Professor of Politics
Social Sciences
Oxford Brookes University

Fields of interest: 

Globalization and global theory; New media and politics; democratization


Recent publications:

Theories of Globalization,
Cambridge, Polity Press, (2012), in press

Cultures and /of Globalization (ed with R. Huggins)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, (2011), in press.

“Mere connection: do communication flows compensate for the absence of world society?”,
to appear in special issue of Protosociology, entitled Festschrift for Gerhard Preyer, 2011. in press.

“Talk about a revolution: social media and the MENA uprisings”
in Globalizations, vol 8, no.5, 2011. pp 673-679.

“Cricket for People who Don’t like Cricket: Twenty20 as the Expression of the Media and Cultural Zeitgeist”
(with R. Huggins). in Sport in Society, Vol 14, No.5, 2011.

The tendencies of global integration,
in Caney. S, Moellendorf. D and Widdows, H (eds): The Handbook of Global Ethics, Durham, Acumen, 2012, in press.

The telemediatization of Cricket: commerce, connectivity and culture in the post-television age (with R. Huggins);
in Rumford, C and Wragg. S (eds) Globalization and Cricket. Cambridge. CSP, 2010

Network Europe and the European Information Society,
in C. Rumford (ed) Handbook of European Studies, London, Sage, 2009.