Mehmet E. Aydin

University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)

Fields of interest:

Evolutionary Computation and Metaheuristics,

Distributed and Parallel Computing,

Multi agent systems, collective intelligence, swarm intelligence

Recent publications:

Aydin, M. E.:
Swarm intelligence to coordinate meta-heuristic agents,
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2010 (published on-line)

Chan, K. Y., Kwong, C. K., Jiang, H., Aydin, M. E. , Fogarty, T.C.:
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Kwan, R. Aydin, M. E., Luang, C. and Zhang, J.:
Multiuser scheduling in high speed downlink packet access,
IET Communications, 3(8), 1363-1370, 2009

Dereli, T., Seckiner, S.U., Das, G.S., Gokcen, H., and Aydin, M.E.:
An exploration of the literature on the use of ‘swarm intelligence based techniques’ for public service problems,
European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 3(4), 379-423, 2009

Yang, J., Aydin, M. E., Zhang, J., and Maple, C.:
UMTS base station location planning: A mathematical model and heuristic optimisation algorithms,
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An orthogonal array based genetic algorithm for developing neural network based process models of fluid dispensing,
International Journal of Production Research, 44(22), 4815-4836, 2006

Yiğit, V.,Aydin,. M.E., and Turkebey, O.:
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