Antonia Young

Honorary Research Fellow, Research Associate
Peace Studies, Sociology/Anthropology
University of Bradford, Colgate University

Fields of interest

  • Southern Balkans
  • Women’s issues in Southern Balkans
  • Cross-border Balkans Peace Park Project

Recent publications:

November, 2013

Chapter: co-authored with Erin Marchington, ‘Old Tradition to New Reality: Social and Economic Impacts of Tourism in Thethi, Albania’, in James Pettifer, ed., Albania and the Balkans: Essays in Honour of Sir Reginald Hibbert. Cornwall: Elbow Publishing, 2013, pp. 387-412

March 2014

Gratë që u bënë burra: virgjineshat e betuara shqiptare (Women who become men: Albanian Sworn Virgins). Tirana: Skanderbeg Books, 2014.

June 2014

‘Distortion and Reality in Travel Writing on the Balkans’. Paper given at the following conference: The Balkans in Contemporary Travel Writing, Faculty of Philosophy, Nikšić, 19–21. June.

‘“Everyone’s Battleground”: Surviving in a Landscape of War’. Paper given (with Nigel Young), at the following conference: First World War and Albanians (1914-1918), Department of History, Prishtina.