Helen Barbas

Professor, PhD
Department of Health Sciences
Boston University
E-mail: barbas@bu.edu
Page: http://www.bu.edu/neural/


Fields of interest:

Organization of the prefrontal cortex, patterns of neural interactions, computational neuroscience, evolution of the neocortex, neural basis of cognitive-emotional interactions



Recent publications:

Zikopoulos B., Barbas H.:

Changes in prefrontal axons may disrupt the network in autism

J. Neurosci. 2010; 30(44): 14595-609.


Luebke J., Barbas H., Peters A.:

Effects of normal aging on prefrontal area 46 in the rhesus monkey

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Medalla M., Barbas H.:

Synapses with inhibitory neurons differentiate anterior cingulate from dorsolateral prefrontal pathways associated with cognitive control

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