A. James Barkovich, MD

Professor in Residence
Departments of Radiology, Pediatrics, Neurology and Neurological Surgery
University of California
E-mail: jim.barkovich@radiology.ucsf.edu
Page: http://cancer.ucsf.edu/people/barkovich_ajames.php


Fields of interest:

Brain disorders including correlating genetic defects with brain imaging findings to facilitate diagnosis, early detection of brain injury in newborns with encephalopathy, and early detection and correlation with neurodevelopmental outcome of brain injury in premature newborns


Recent publications:

Mellado C., Poduri A., Gleason D., Elhosary P. C., Barry B. J., Partlow J. N., Chang B. S., Shaw G. M., Barkovich A. J., Walsh C. A.:
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Nat. Genet. 2010; 42(11): 1015-20.

Habas P. A., Kim K., Corbett-Detig J. M., Rousseau F., Glenn O. A., Barkovich A. J., Studholme C.:
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