Gerald Bastard

Professor at Lab. de Physique de la matiere condensée
Department of Physics
École normale supérieure, Paris

Fields of interest:

  • Theory of nanoobjects


Recent publications:

A. Leuillet, A. Vasanelli, A. Wade, G. Fedorov, D. Smirnov, G. Bastard
and C. Sirtori
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cascade lasers.
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Unbound states in quantum heterostructures
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quantum dots,
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C. Ciuti, G. Bastard and J. Carusotto:
Quantum vacuum properties of the intersubband polariton field,
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C. Ciuti and G. Bastard:
Screening by a composite particle, the case of quantum well trions.
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F.F. Frey, L. Rebohle, T. Muller, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer, D.P.
N'Guyen, R. Ferreira and G. Bastard
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A. Zibik, L.R. Wilson, R.P. Green, G. Bastard, R. Ferreira, P.J.
Phillips, D A. Carder, J-P.R. Wells, J.W. Cokburn, M.S. Skolnick ,M.
J. Steer and M.A. Hopkinson
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I. Favero, G. Cassabois, R. Ferreira, D. Darson, C. Voisin, J. Tignon,
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