Jordi Mongay Batalla

Ph.D. Associate Professor
Warsaw University of Technology / National Institute of Telecommunications

Fields of interest

IT Sciences and specifically:

  • Architectures for QoS IP
  • QoS IP Mechanisms
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Internet Traffic Modelling
  • Traffic Control and Engineering
  • Traffic Measurements
  • Testing Results
  • QoS Requirements
  • Transport Protocols (TCP, UDP) over IP QoS
  • Inter-domain QoS
  • QoS in access networks as WiFi, LAN/Ethernet, UMTS, xDSL
  • End-to-end QoS in heterogeneous networks

Selected Publications

J. Mongay Batalla and R. Janowski:
"Provisioning dedicated class of service for reliable transfer of signaling traffic",
20th. International Teletraffic Congress. June 2007, Ottawa, Canada
(w: Lecture Notes In Computer Science 4516. 2007. pp. 853-864).

J. Mongay Batalla, J. Śliwiński, H. Tarasiuk, W. Burakowski:
"Impact of Signaling System Performance on QoE in Next Generation Networks",
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, no. 4, 2009

J. Mongay Batalla; A. Beben; A. Cabellos-Aparicio:
"Profile deformation of aggregated flows handled by Premium and low priority services within the Geant network",
ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-0062-9. Caen, IWCMC 2010.

W. Burakowski, A. Beben, H.Tarasiuk, J. Sliwiński, R. Janowski, J. Mongay Batalla, P. Krawiec:

"Provision of End-to-End QoS in Heterogeneous Multi-Domain Networks",
annals of telecommunications – annales des télécommunications Springer Eds., Vol. 63, Issue 11, Page 559. (2008)

J.Mongay Batalla, Robert Janowski:
"A method for validating the aggregated signaling traffic model using simulations in ns-2 platform".
ACM ISBN 978-963-9799-20-2. SIMUTools 2008. Marseille, March, 2008.

W.Burakowski, H.Tarasiuk, A. Beben, J.Śliwiński, J. Mongay Batalla, P. Krawiec:
"Internet przyszłości – nowe wyzwanie dla telekomunikacji (i nie tylko)",
Przegląd Telekomunikacyjny, nr. 4, 2010

H. Tarasiuk, J. Mongay Batalla, R. Janowski, W. Burakowski, G. Stea, C. Cicconetti, J. Sá Silva, F. J. Ramon-Salguero, and G. García-de Blas:
"Designing the Simulative Evaluation of an Architecture for Supporting QoS on a Large Scale".
ACM ISBN 978-963-9799-20-2. QoSim 2008. Marseille, March, 2008.

J. Mongay Batalla:
"Solution for IPTV transmission in IPv4/IPv6 environment", Wrocław, KSTiT'2010