Sompop Bencharit

Assistant Professor
Prosthodontics and Pharmacology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Journal Editor of Stem Cells in Oral Medicine

Fields of interest:

Structural biology


Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Osteoblastic Stem Cells

Endothelial Stem Cells

Salivary Biomarkers

Regenerative Medicine

Recent publications :

S. K. Al-Tarawneh, M. B. Border, C. F. Dibble, S. Bencharit: 
Defining salivary biomarkers using mass spectrometry-based Proteomics : a systematic review.
OMICS. 15:353-61 (2011)

C. F. Dibble, J. A. Horst, M. H. Malone, K. Park, B. Temple, H. Cheeseman, J. R. Barbaro, G. L. Johnson, S. Bencharit:
Defining the functional domain of programmed cell death 10 through its interaction with phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate.
PLOS ONE 5:e1174 (2010)

Z. Wang, J. Pan, J. T. Wright, S. Bencharit, S. Zhang, E. T.  Everett, F. B. Teixeira, J. S. Preisser:
Putative stem cells in human dental pulp with irreversible pulpitis-an exploratory study.
J. Endod. 6:820-5 (2010)

A. L. Borikova, C. F. Dibble, N. Sciaky, C. M. Welch, Abell AN, Bencharit S, Johnson GL:
Rho kinase inhibition rescues the endothelial cell cerebral cavernous malformation phenotype.
J Biol. Chem. 285:11760-4 (2010)

S. K. Al-Tarawneh, S. Bencharit:
Applications of SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry in salivary proteomic analysis.
Open Dent J 3:74-79 (2009)

T. L. Hilder, M. H. Malone, S. Bencharit, J. Colicelli, T. A. Haystead, G. L. Johnson, C. C. Wu:
Proteomic Identification of the Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Signaling Complex.
J. Proteome Res. 6:4343-55 (2007)

Y. Xue, Y. B. Moore, J. Orans, L. Peng, S. Bencharit, S. A. Kliewer, M. R.  Redinbo:
Crystal Structure of the PXR-Estradiol Complex Provides Insights into Endobiotic Recognition.
Mol. Endocrinol. 21;1028-38 (2007)

S. Bencharit, C. B. Cui, A. Siddiqui, E. L. Howard-Williams, J. Sondek, K. Zuobi-Hasona,, I. Aukhil:
Structural insights into fibronectin type III domain mediated signaling.
J. Mol. Biol. 367; 303-9. (2007)

S. Bencharit, C. C. Edwards, C. L. Morton, E. L. Howard-Williams, P. Kuhn, P. M. Potter, M. R. Redinbo MR:
Multisite promiscuity in the processing of endogeneous substrates by human carboxylesterase 1.
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