Carys Bennett

PhD student
Department of Geology
University of Leicester

Fields of interest:

  • micropalaeontology (especially ostracods), 
  • palaeontology, 
  • palynology, 
  • palaeoclimates, 
  • sedimentology, 
  • carbonate sedimentology, 
  • stable isotope studies,
  • geochemistry 

Recent publications:

M. Williams, A. Nelson, J. Smellie, M. Leng, D. Jarram, A. Johnson, A. Haywood, V. Peck, J. Zalasiewicz, C. Bennett: 
High southern latitude Pliocene palaeoseasonality preserved in shallow marine Austrochlamys (bivalvia) from the northern Antarctic
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, in press

C. E. Bennett:
A review of the Lower Carboniferous colonisation of non-marine environments by
Senckenbergiana lethaea, Vol. 88(1), (2008), pp. 1-14