Ruth A. Berman

Professor Emerita
Tel Aviv University

Fields of interest:

Modern Hebrew

Language acquisition

Later language development

Discourse analysis


Recent publications:

2011. Revisiting impersonal constructions in Hebrew: Corpus-based perspectives. In A. Malchov & A. Sierwieska, eds.   The typology of impersonal constructions. Amsterdam:  John Benjamins, 323-354.

2010. B. Nir & R. A. Berman.  Parts of speech as constructions: The case of Hebrew “adverbs”.  Constructions and Frames, 2, 2, 242-274.[Special issue in honor of C. J. Fillmore, K. Nikforidou & K. Ohara,eds. ]

2009Beyond the sentence:  Language development in narrative contexts.  In E. Bavin, ed. Handbook of Child Language.  Cambridge University Press, 354-375.

2009. Acquisition of compound constructions.  In R. Lieber & P. Stekauer, eds. Handbook of Compounding. Oxford University Press, 298-322.

2008. The psycholinguistics of developing text construction. Journal of Child Language, 35, 735-771.