Magdaléna Bilá

Associate professor
Institute of British and American studies
Faculty of Arts, University of Prešov

Fields of interest: 

Experimental phonetics, comparative phonetics, acquisition of L2 sound system

Recent publications:

Bilá, M.:
Cultural Competence as a Component of Linguistic Competence.
In: Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, January 2011, Issue 38. pp. 29 – 35.  ISSN 1814-6945

Bilá, M.:
Perception and Production of a Second Language and the Concept of Foreign Accent.
In: Modernization of Teaching Foreign Languages: CLIL, Inclusive and Intercultural Education. Masaryk University, Faculty f Education Brno 2010. pp. 123 – 143. ISBN 978-80-210-5294-9

Bilá, M.:
Languageambiguity and humor.
In: Ambiguity. KU Ružomberok, 2010.; ISBN 978 – 80 – 8084 – 620 – 6; pp. 34 – 45.

Bilá, M. – Džambová, A. – Kačmárová, A.:
Fonetické, syntaktické a pragmatické aspekty hovoreného prejavu [Sonda do diskurzu sitkomu v angličtine, v nemčine a v slovenčine].
Phonetic, syntactic and pragmatic aspects of speech [A preliminary study on sitcom discourse in English, German and Slovak]. Prešov: Filozofická fakulta Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove, 2011. 140 p. ISBN 978-80-555-0429-2

Bilá – Džambová:
A Preliminary Study on the Function of Silent Pauses in L1 and L2 Speakers of English and German.
Brno Studies in English.