Bryn Trevelyan James

University of Manchester

Fields of interest:

Archaeology, anthropology, archaeological ethnography, medical anthropology, sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, African Islam, indigenous medicine & healing, indigenous religions.

Recent publications:

Trevelyan James, B. (2014)
Writing Stones and Secret Shrines: An Exploration of the Materialisation of Indigenous & Islamic Belief within West African Spiritual Medicine.
(In) Gemi-Iordanou, E., Gordon, S., Matthew, R., McInnes, E. & Pettitt, R. (eds.) Medicine, Healing and Performance. Oxford: Oxbow. 136-159.

Trevelyan James, B. Ciki and jiki:
The Inner and Outer layers of West African Islamic healers’ workspaces. In Armitage, N. & Houlbrook, C.
The Materiality of Magic: An Artifactual Investigation into Ritual Practices and Popular Beliefs. Oxford: Oxbow. (Forthcoming – 2014)