Svante Björck

Professor in Quaternary Sciences
Lund University, Sweden
Geobiosphere Science Centre, Quaternary Sciences

Fields of interest:

  • Quaternary paleoclimatology, 
  • sea level changes and related processes


Recent publications:

S. Björck, T.  Rittenour, P. Rosén, Z. França, P. Möller,
I. Snowball, S. Wastegĺrd, O. Bennike and B. Kromer:

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C.S. Andresen, S. Björck, M. Rundgren, D. Conley and C. Jessen:
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Boreas, Vol. 35, (2006), pp. 23-34.

H. Jiang, S. Björck, L. Ran, Y. Huang, J. Li:
Impact of the Kuroshio Current on the South China Sea based on a 115000 year diatom
Journal of Quaternary Science, Vol. 21, (2006), pp. 377-385. 

R. De Jong, S. Björck, L. Björkman, L. Clemmensen:
Storminess variation during the last 6500 years as reconstructed from an ombrotrophic peat bog in Halland, southwest
Journal of Quaternary Science, Vol. 21, (2006), pp. 905-919.

S. Björck:
Younger Dryas oscillation, global evidence,
In Elias, S. A. (Ed.): Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, Volume 3, 1987-1994. Elsevier B.V., Oxford.

K. Ljung, S. Björck:
Holocene climate and vegetation dynamics on Nightingale Island, South Atlantic – an apparent interglacial bipolar seesaw in
Quaternary Science Reviews, pp. 3150-3166.

S. Björck:
The late Quaternary development of the Baltic Sea basin. In The BACC Author Team 
(Eds.): Assessment of climate change for the Baltic Sea Basin, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 398-407.

K. Ljung, S. Björck, H. Renssen, D. Hammarlund:
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Climate of the Past, Vol. 4, (2008) pp. 35-45. 

B. Wohlfarth, D. Veres, L. Ampel, T. Lacourse, M. Blaauw, F. Preusser, V.
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Nature Geoscience, Vol. 1, pp. 263-267.