Jonathan David Bobaljik

Professor of Linguistics
University of Connecticut

Recent publications:

2009 (with Idan Landau) Icelandic Control is not A-Movement: The Case from Case. Linguistic Inquiry. 40.1:113-132.

2008 Missing Persons: A case study in morphological universals. The Linguistic Review, special theme issue Examples of Linguistic Universals 25.1-2:203-230.

2007 (with Susi Wurmbrand) “Complex predicates, aspect and anti-reconstruction”. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 16:27-42.

2006 (with Kazuko Yatsushiro) “Problems with Honorification-As-Agreement in Japanese: A reply to Boeckx & Niinuma.” Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 24:355-384.

2006 “Itelmen Reduplication: Edge-In Association and Lexical Stratification” Journal of Linguistics, 42:1-23.

2005 (with Susi Wurmbrand) “The Domain of Agreement” Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 23:809-865.

2005 “Re: CycLin and the role of PF in Object Shift.” Theoretical Linguistics 31: 111-125

2005 “Itelmen Diminutives: A belated reply to Perlmutter 1988.” In Geert Booij and Jaap van Marle, eds., Yearbook of Morphology 2004, Dordrecht: Springer, 317-319.