Andrew B. Bocarsly

Professor of Chemistry
Princeton University

Fields of interest: 

coordination chemistry, electrochemistry, semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, fuel cells, solar photochemistry, materials chemistry


Recent publications:

Morris, A.J., R.T. McGibbon, A.B. Bocarsly:
Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation: The Rate-Determining Step of Pyridinium-Catalyzed CO2 Reduction.
ChemSusChem, Vol. 4(2), (2011), pp. 191-196.

E. Barton Cole, P. S. Lakkaraju, D. M. Rampulla, A. J. Morris, E. Abelev, A. B. Bocarsly:
Using a One-Electron Shuttle for the Multielectron Reduction of CO2 to Methanol: Kinetic, Mechanistic, and Structural Insights.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 132(33), (2010), pp. 11539-11551.

Burgess, C.M., N. Yao, A.B. Bocarsly:
Stabilizing cyanosols: amorphous cyanide bridged transition metal polymer nanoparticles.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 19(46), (2009), pp. 8846-8855.

M. Vondrova, T. M. McQueen, C. M. Burgess, D. M. Ho, A. B. Bocarsly:
Autoreduction of Pd-Co and Pt-Co cyanogels: Exploration of cyanometalate coordination chemistry at elevated temperatures.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 130(16), (2008), pp. 5563-5572.

Barton, E.E., D.M. Rampulla, A.B. Bocarsly:
Selective solar-driven reduction of CO2 to methanol using a catalyzed p-GaP based photoelectrochemical cell,
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 130(20), (2008), pp. 6342-6345.

K. T. Adjemian, R. Dominey, L. Krishnan, H. Ota, P. Majsztrik, T. Zhang, J. Mann, B. Kirby, L. Gatto, M. Velo-Simpson, J. Leahy, S. Srinivasan, J. B. Benziger,  A. B. Bocarsly:
Function and characterization of metal oxide-naflon composite membranes for elevated-temperature H2/O2 PEM fuel cells.
Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 18(9), (2006), pp. 2238-2248.

M. Vondrova, T. Klimczuk, V. L. Miller, B. W. Kirby, N. Yao, R. J. Cava, A. B. Bocarsly:
Supported superparamagnetic Pd/Co alloy nanoparticles prepared from a silica/cyanogel co-gel.
Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 17(25), (2005), pp. 6216-6218.

D. F. Watson, H. Siang Tan, E. Schreiber, C. J. Mordas, A. B. Bocarsly:
Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of trinuclear transition metal mixed-valence complexes.
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Deshpande, R.S., S.L. Sharp-Goldman, A.B. Bocarsly:
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Langmuir, Vol. 18(20), (2002), pp. 7694-7698.

K.T Adjemian, S Srinivasan, J Benziger, A.B Bocarsly:
Investigation of PEMFC operation above 100˚C employing perfluorosulfonic acid silicon oxide composite membranes.
Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 109(2), (2002) pp. 356-364.