Baruch Rinkevich

Professor and senior scientist
Marine Biology & Biotechnology
National Institute of Oceanography, Haifa, Israel

Fields of interest:

marine invertebrates immunology and developmental biology, reef restoration, cell cultures from marine organisms

Recent publications:

Rinkevich Y., Voskoboynik A., Rosner A., Rabinowitz C., Oren M., Paz G., Alfasi G., Moiseeva E., Ishizuka K.J., Palmeri K.J., Weissman I.L., Rinkevich B.:
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Developmental Cell 2013, 24: 76–88.

Oren M., Paz G., Douek J. Rosner A., Keren-Or A., Rinkevich B.:
Marine invertebrates cross phyla comparisons reveal highly conserved immune machinery.
Immunobiology 2013, 218: 484-495.

Rinkevich B., Rinkevich Y.:
The “stars and stripes” metaphor for animal regeneration- elucidating two fundamental strategies along a continuum.
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Rinkevich B.:
Neglected biological features in cnidarians self-nonself recognition.
In: López-Larrea C. (Ed.), Self and Nonself, Landes Bioscience and Springer Bioscience + Business Media 2012, pp. 46-59.

Rinkevich B., Douek J., Rabinowitz C., Paz P.:
The candidate Fu/HC gene in Botryllus schlosseri (Urochordata) and ascidians’ historecognition – an oxymoron?
Developmental and Comparative Immunology 2012, 36: 718-727.

Grasela J. J., Pomponi S. A., Rinkevich B., Grima J.:
Efforts to develop a cultured sponge cell line: revisiting an intractable problem.
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Rinkevich B.:
The ‘immunology trap’ of anthozoans.
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Quo vadis chimerism?
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