Gertraud Burger

Département de Biochimie
Université de Montréal, Canada

Field of interests:

Evolution of organelles and the eukaryotic cell as a whole.

The make-up of the nuclear genome from primitive eukaryotes.

Experimental and in silico comparative genomics.

Post-transcriptional processes in mitochondria: machineries, mechanisms and evolution.

Integrated biological databases.

Development of bioinformatics approaches and software for comparative genomics research.


Recent publications:

Price DC, et al, Burger G, et al, Bhattacharya D:
Genome of ancestral alga sheds light on evolution of photosynthesis.

Science, (2012) accepted.

Moreira S, Breton S, Burger G:
Unscrambling genetic information at the RNA level. (invited review)

Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA, (2011)
in press.

Kiethega G, Turcotte M, Burger G:
Evolutionary conserved trans-splicing without cis-motifs.

Mol Biol Evol., 28(9), (2011): 2425-2428.

Vlcek C, Marande M, Teijeiro S, Lukes J, Burger G:
Systematically fragmented genes in a multi-partite mitochondrial genome.

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Shen YQ, Burger G:
In silicoidentification of mitochondrion-targeted proteins using EST data.

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O’Brien E, Zhang Y, Wang E, Marie V, Badejoko W, Lang BF, Burger G:
GOBASE: an organelle genome database.

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Kannan S, Burger G:
Unassigned MURF1 of kinetoplastids codes for NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2.

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Mitochondrial DNA as a genomic jigsaw puzzle.

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Ruiz-Trillo I, Burger G, Holland WH, King N, Lang BF, Roger AJ, Gray MW:
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