Caroline M Burberry (Cara)

Assistant Professor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Fields of interest:

  • structural geology, 
  • tectonics, 
  • remote sensing, 
  • petroleum geology

Recent publications:

C.M. Burberry, C.A.L. Jackson, J.W. Cosgrove:
Upper Cretaceous to Recent deformation, related to salt migration and subsequent compression within the Persian Gulf. Journal of the Geological Society of London, In Press. 2011

C.M. Burberry, J.W. Cosgrove, J.G. Liu:
A Study of Fold Amplification and Deformation style using the evolution of the land surface: Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran. In Robin, C. & Leturmy, P. (eds) Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic,
Geological Society of London Special Publication 330, 2010

C.M. Burberry, D.L. Cannon, J.W. Cosgrove, T. Engelder:
Development of an arcuate fold-thrust belt as a result of basement configuration: an example from the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Montana.  
American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting 2010

C.M. Burberry, M. Greb, M. Laughland, B. Dudley-Murphy, G. Nash, Iraqi Kurdistan Region Ministry of Natural Resources:
Integrated remote sensing, structural and petroleum systems modelling of the Iraqi-Kurdish fold belt.  
American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Meeting 2010

C.M. Burberry, J.W. Cosgrove, J.G. Liu: 
Landform morphology and drainage pattern characteristics as an indicator of fold type in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran,
Journal of Maps, Vol. 2008, (2008), pp. 417-430

C.M. Burberry, J.W. Cosgrove, J.G. Liu: 
Stream network characteristics used to infer the distribution of fold types in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt,
Journal of Maps Student Edition, Vol. 2007, (2007), pp. 32-45

C.M. Burberry, H. Koyi, F. Nilfouroushan, J. W. Cosgrove: 
Modelling the Deformation Front of a Fold-Thrust Belt: the Effect of an Upper Detachment Horizon,
American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting Fall 2008; Abstract no T24A-04

C.M. Burberry, C.A.L. Jackson, J. W. Cosgrove, J.G. Liu:
Pulsed south-westerly migration of the Zagros deformation front during the Miocene-Recent: seismic evidence from the Persian Gulf,
International Geological Congress, Vol. 6-14 August 2008, IGC Abstract Book

C.M. Burberry, D. Cannon, J. W. Cosgrove, T. Engelder: 
Combined remote sensing and field investigations of hydrocarbon trap analogue structures: Examples from the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran & the Sawtooth Range,
Montana Petroleum Geoscience Collaboration Conference, 21-22 November 2007, PGCC Abstract Book