Anny Cazenave

Senior Scientist
LEGOS, GRGS and CNES, Toulouse

Fields of interest

  • Application of Satellite Geodesy to Earth Physics


Recent publications

R. Alkama, B. Decharme, H. Douville, M. Becker, A. Cazenave, J. Sheffield, A. Voldoire, S. Tyteca and P. Le Moigne:
Global Evaluation of the ISBA-TRIP Continental Hydrological System. Part I: Comparison to GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage Estimates and In Situ River Discharges,
Journal of Hydrometeorologye, 11, 583-600 (2010).

B. Decharme, R. Alkama, H. Douville, M. Becker and A. Cazenave:
Global Evaluation of the ISBA-TRIP Continental Hydrological System. Part II: Uncertainties in River Routing Simulation Related to Flow Velocity and Groundwater Storage,
Journal of Hydrometeorology, 11, 601-617 (2010).

J.F. Cretaux, S. Calmant, V. Romanivski, A. Shabunin, F. Lyard, M. Berge-NGuyen, A. Cazenave, F. Hernandez and F. Perosanz:
An absolute calibration site for radar altimeters in the continental domain : Lake Issykkul in central Asia,
Journal of Geodesy, 83, 723-735 (2009).

M. Ablain, A. Cazenave, S. Guinehut and G. Valladeau:
A new assessment of global mean sea level from altimeters highlights a reduction of global slope from 2005 to 2008 in agreement with in-situ measurements,
Ocean Science Discussion, 6, 31-56 (2009).

G. Ramillien, S. Bouhours, A. Lombard, A. Cazenave, F. Flechtner and R. Schmidt:
Land water contributions from GRACE to sea level rise over 2002-2006,
Global and Planetary Change, 60, 381-392 (2008).

P. Prandi, A. Cazenave and M. Becker:
Is coastal mean sea level rising faster than the global mean? A comparison between tide gauges and satellite altimetry over 1993-2007,
Geophysical Research Letter, 2008.

A. Cazenave and H. Savenije:
Preface to the Special Issue on Hydrology from Space,
Surveys in Geophysics, 29, 241-245 (2008).

M. Berge-Nguyen, A. Cazenave, A. Lombard, W. Llovel and J.F. Cretaux:
Reconstruction of past decades sea level using tide gauge, altimetry and in situ hydrographic data,
Global and Planetary Change, 62, 1¬-13 (2008).

A. Cazenave:
Present-day sea level rise: do we understand what we measure?,
Proceedings du workshop-15 years of satellite altimetry, ESA Publication, 2007.

A. Lombard, A. Cazenave, P. Traon, S. Guinehut and C.Cabanes:
Perspectives on present-day sea level change: a tribute to Christian le Provost,
Ocean Dynamics, 56, 445-451, (2006).