Carlo Cattani

University of Salerno

Fields of interest:

Waves, nonlinear waves, wavelets, computational methods, complexity, fractional calculus, fractals, relativity

Recent publications:

M. Hossein Heydari, M. Reza Hooshmandasl, C. Cattani, F.M. Maalek Ghaini, An efficient computational method for solving nonlinear stochastic Ito Volterra integral equation: Application for stochastic problems in physics , JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS 01/2015;

M. Hossein Heydari, M. R. Hooshmandasl, F.M. Maalek Ghaini, C.Cattani, Wavelets method for the time fractional diffusion-wave equation with damping, PHYSICS LETTERS A 01/2015;

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