Camps Cédric

Scientist and Deputy Head of Research Group
Institute of plant Production Science

Fields of interest:

Fruit & Vegetable Quality, Non-destructive measurements (NIRs), Food Science, Greenhouse cultivation, Post-harvest quality

Recent publications:

Camps C, Gérard M, Quennoz M, Brabant C, Oberson C and Simonnet X, Prediction of essential oil content of oregano by hand‐held and Fourier transform NIR spectroscopy. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94:1397-1402 (2014).

Camps C, Deltheil L and Gilli C, Qualitative and Quantitative Models Based on Handheld NIR Spectroscopy to Monitor the Tomato Fruit Development During Early and Full Season. Global Journal of Agricultural Innovation 1:27-38 (2014).

Camps C, Robic R, Bruneau M and Laurens F, Rapid determination of soluble solids content and acidity of Black currant (< i> Ribes nigrum L</i>.) juice by mid-infrared spectroscopy performed in series. Lwt-Food Science and Technology 43:1164-1167 (2010).

Camps C and Christen D, On-tree follow-up of apricot fruit development using a hand-held NIR instrument. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 7:394-400 (2009).

Camps C and Christen D, Non-destructive assessment of apricot fruit quality by portable visible-near infrared spectroscopy. Lwt-Food Science and Technology 42:1125-1131 (2009).

Camps C, Guillermin P, Mauget J and Bertrand D, Discrimination of storage duration of apples stored in cooled room and shelflife by visible-near infrared spectroscopy. Journal of near Infrared Spectroscopy 15:169-177 (2007).

Camps C, Guillermin P, Mauget J and Bertrand D, Data analysis of penetrometric force/displacement curves for the characterization of whole apple fruits. Journal of Texture Studies 36:387-401 (2005).