Chung-Chih Wu

Electrical Engineering
National Taiwan University

Fields of interest

Dr. Wu’s research interests include organic semiconductors, their charge-transport and photophysical properties, and organic optoelectronics such as organic light-emitting devices and solar cells.


Recent publications

M.-S. Lin, S.-J. Yang, H.-W. Chang, Y.-H. Huang, Y.-T. Tsai, C.-C. Wu, S.-H. Chou, E. Mondal, K.-T.Wong,
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J.Mater.Chem22, 16114–16120 (2012).

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Novel Oxygen Sensor based on Terfluorene Thin-film and Its Enhanced Sensitivity by Stimulated Emission,
J.Mater.Chem22, 13446 (2012).

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Angewandte Chemie International Ed. 46, 2418-2421 (2007).

M.-H.Tsai, Y.-H.Hong, C.-H.Chang, H.-C.Su, C.-C.Wu, A.Matoliukstyte, J.Simokaitiene, S.Grigalevicius, J. V.Grazulevicius, C.-P.Hsu,
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