Claudio O. Delang

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Hong Kong Baptist University

Fields of interest:

Development studies, Natural resource management, Political ecology, Ecological economics, China and Greater Mekong Subregion

Recent publications:

Delang, C. O.; Toro, M. and Charlet, M. Coffee,
Mines and Dams: Conflicts over Land in the Bolaven Plateau, Southern Lao PDR
The Geographical Journal, 179:1, 2013.

Delang, C. O. and Wang. W.
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Wang, W. and Delang, C. O.
Chinese Forest Policies in the Age of Ideology (1949-1978)
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Delang, C. O. and Toro M.
Hydropower induced displacement and resettlement in Lao PDR
South East Asia Research, 19:3, 421-448, 2011.

Delang, C. O.
The new economy of nature: can carbon pay for nature conservation: The case of the Hong Kong Country Parks
Ecological Economy, 6:2, 191-208, 2010.

Wong T.; Delang, C. O. and Schmidt-Vogt, D.
What is a Forest? Competing Meanings and the Politics of Forest Classification in Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
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Delang, C. O.
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Delang, C. O. and Wong, T.
Livelihood-based forest classification systems of the Pwo Karen in Western Thailand
Mountain Research and Development, 26:2, 138-145, 2006.

Delang, C. O.
Not just minor forest products: the economic rationale for the consumption of wild food plants by subsistence farmers
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Delang, C. O.
Economic valuation of non-marketed wild edible plants in Thailand
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