David Cella

Medical Social Sciences
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
E-mail: d-cella@northwestern.edu
Page: http://www.mss.northwestern.edu

Fields of interest: 

Quality of Life Measurement


Recent publications:

Khanna, D., Maranian, P., Rothrock, N., Cella, D., Gershon, R., Khanna, P., Spiegel, B., Furst, D., Clements, P., Bechtel, A., Hays, R.:
Feasibility and construct validity of PROMIS and “Legacy” instruments in an academic scleroderma clinic.
Value in Health. 15: 128-134 (2012)

Lai, J-S., Nowinski, C., Victorson, D., Bode, R., Podrabsky, T., McKinney, N., Straube, D., Holmes, G., Moy, C., Cella, D.:
Quality of life measures in children with neurological conditions: pediatric neuro-qol.
Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 26 (1): 36 – 47 (2012)

Yount, S., Beaumont, J., Rosenbloom, S., Cella, D., Patel, J., Hensing, T., Jacobsen, P., Syrjala, K., Abernethy A.:
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Clinical Lung Cancer. 13 (1): 14-23 (2012)

Cella, D., Pickard, A., Duh, M., Guerin, A., Mishagina, N., Antràs, L., Neary, M., McCann, L., Hodge, R., Sternberg, C.:
Health-related quality of life in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma receiving Pazopanib or placebo in a randomized phase III trial.
European J. of Cancer.  48(3): 311-323 (2012)

Garcia, S., Rosenbloom, S., Beaumont, J., Merkel, D., Von Roenn, J., Rao, D., Cella, D. :
Priority Symptoms in Advanced Breast Cancer: Development and Initial Validation of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network-Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Breast Cancer Symptom Index (NFBSI-16)
Value in Health. 15:183-190 (2012)

Salsman, J.M., Grunberg, S.M., Beaumont, J., Rogers, M., Paul, D., Clayman, M., & Cella, D.:
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Lien, K., Zeng, L., Nguyen, J., Cramarossa, G., Cella, D., Chang, E., Caissie, A., Holden, L., Culleton, S., Sahgal, A., Chow, E.:
FACT-Br for assessment of aquality of life in patients receiving treatment for brain metastases: a literature review.
Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 11(6): 701-708 (2011)

Trask, P., Cella, D., Besson, N., Kelly, V., Masszi, T., Kim, D-W.:
Health-related quality of life of Bosutinib (SKI-606) in Imatinib-resistant or Imatinib-intolerant chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia.  
Leukemia Researchonline:http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S014521261100508X) (2011)