Caleb R. Hamilton

PhD Candidate
Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History
Monash University

Fields of interest:

Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Archaeology, Ancient Egypt Law, legal systems, ancient cultural/foreign interactions, state formation process, the Egyptian Old Kingdom, Early Dynastic Egypt, Predynastic Egypt, New Zealand Archaeology, New Zealand History

Recent publications:

These are the only selected publications that I can make public at this time, others are forthcoming, though still subject to due process. Others can be made available through 2014, if you would like me to update you on this, I can do so.

Caleb R. Hamilton, ‘‘I Judge between two brothers, to their satisfaction’ – Biographies and the Legal System in the Old Kingdom’, in ASCS 32 Selected Proceedings, ed. Anne Mackay, 2011.

Caleb R. Hamilton, ‘Aspects of the Judiciary in Old Kingdom Egypt’, in Ancient Cultures at Monash University: Approaches to Studying the Ancient Past. Proceedings of the Conference Held at Monash University, Melbourne, October 18-20 2013, ed. Jessica Cox, Caleb R. Hamilton, Kate McLardy, Amy Pettman, David Stewart (Forthcoming).