Klaus Christmann

University Professor for Physical Chemistry
Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry (Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy)
Free University of Berlin
E-mail: kchr@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Page: http://userpage.chemie.fu-berlin.de/~xmannwww/

Fields of interest:

  • elementary processes on single crystal surfaces (metals and oxides), 
  • gas adsorption (hydrogen, oxygen and CO in particular), 
  • hydrogen storage, 
  • heterogeneous catalysis, 
  • catalytic CO oxidation, 
  • thin metal film growth…

Recent publications :

D. Rosenthal, I. Zizak, N. Darovski, T. T. Magkoev and K.

The Growth and Structure of Titanium Dioxide Films on a Re(10-10) Surface,
Surface Sci., Vol. 600, (2006), pp. 2830 – 2840.

K. Christmann:
Adsorbate Properties of Hydrogen on Solid Surfaces,
In: Landolt-Börnstein, Zahlenwerte und Tabellen, Group III, Vol. 42, subvolume A, Part 5: Physics of Covered Solid Surfaces (H.P. Bonzel, ed.) 
Springer-Verlag Berlin – Heidelberg – New York 2006, pp. 1 – 131.

K. Christmann:
Hydrogen Transfer on Metal Surfaces,
Chapter 25 of “Handbook of Hydrogen Transfer”, 
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2006, p. 751 – 785.

K. Dumbuya, K. Christmann and S.L.M. Schroeder:
Epitaxial Growth of Single-Crystalline Al2O3 Films on Cr2O3(0001), 
Langmuir, Vol. 23, (2007), pp. 5386-5393.

K. Christmann:
Interaction of Hydrogen with (210)-oriented Metal Surfaces: Molecular Precursors, Chemisorbed Atoms and Subsurface
Surface Sci., in print (2008)

C. Pauls and K. Christmann:
Growth and Structure of Gold films on a Re(10-10) surface, 
J. Phys. Condensed Matter, submitted (10/2008).

K. Christmann:
Interaction of hydrogen with (210)-oriented metal
surfaces: Molecular precursors, chemisorbed atoms and subsurface states,
Surface Science 603, (2009), 1405–1414.

C. Pauls and K. Christmann:
Growth and structure of gold films on a
Re(10-10) Surface,
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K. Christmann, S. Schwede, S. Schubert and W. Kudernatsch:
Model Studies on CO Oxidation Catalyst Systems: Titania and Gold Nanoparticles,
ChemPhysChem (2010), in print (available online already).