Andrew G. Christy

Scientific Officer
Research School of Earth Sciences
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Fields of interest:

  • mineralogy; 
  • petrology (particularly metamorphic); 
  • crystal chemistry and crystal structure systematics; 
  • phase equilibria and thermodynamics; 
  • defective, aperiodic and composite structures; 
  • analytical methods


Recent publications:

S.A. Welch, D. Kirste, A.G. Christy, F.R. Beavis, S.G. Beavis:
Jarosite dissolution II – reaction kinetics, stoichiometry and acid flux, 
Chemical Geology, Vol. 254, (2008), pp. 73-84.

A.K. Larsson, A.G. Christy: 
On twinning and microstructures in calcite and dolomite, 
American Mineralogist, Vol. 93, (2008), pp. 103-113. 

U. Troitzsch, A.G. Christy, D.J. Ellis:
Synthesis of zirconium titanate with an ordered M-fergusonite (beta) structure, 
J. Solid State Chem., 180, (2007), pp. 2885-2895.

T. Kawakami, D.J. Ellis, A.G. Christy: 
Sulfide evolution in high-temperature to ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic rocks from Lützow-Holm Complex, East
Lithos, Vol. 92, (2006), pp. 431-446.

A.G. Christy, K. Gatedal: 
Extremely lead-rich rock-forming silicates including a beryllian scapolite and associated minerals in a skarn from Lĺngban, Värmland, Sweden, 
Mineral. Mag., Vol. 69, (2005), pp. 995-1018.

A.G. Christy, E.S. Grew: 
Synthesis of beryllian sapphirine in the system MgO-BeO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O, and comparison with naturally occurring beryllian sapphirine and khmaralite Part 2: A chemographic study of Be content as a function of P, T and FeMg-1 exchange, 
American Mineralogist, Vol. 89, (2004), pp. 327-338.

J.M. Garcia-Ruiz, S.T. Hyde, A.M. Carnerup, A.G. Christy, M.J. Van Kranendonk, N.J. Welham: 
Self-assembled silica-carbonate structures and detection of ancient microfossils, 
Science, Vol. 302, (2003), pp. 1194-1197.