Sten Claessens

Western Australian Centre for Geodesy
Curtin University of Technology, Perth

Fields of interest

  • Global gravity models
  • Geoid modeling
  • Geometrical geodesy

Recent publications (selected)

S.J. Claessens, C. Hirt, M.J. Amos, W.E. Featherstone and J.F. Kirby:
The NZGeoid09 model of New Zealand,
Survey Review, (in press).

S.J. Claessens, W.E. Featherstone, I.M. Anjasmara and M.S. Filmer:
Is Australian data really validating EGM2008, or is EGM2008 just in/validating Australian data?,
Newton’s Bulletin, 4, 207-251 (2009).

J.L. Awange, K.-H. Bae and S.J. Claessens:
Procrustean solution of the 9-parameter transformation problem,
Earth, Planet and Space, 60, 529-537 (2008).
S.J. Claessens and W.E. Featherstone:
The Meissl scheme for the geodetic ellipsoid,
Journal of Geodesy, 82, 513-522 (2008).

W.E. Featherstone and S.J. Claessens:
Closed-form transformations between geodetic and ellipsoidal coordinates,
Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 52, 1-18 (2008).

I. Baran, M. Kuhn, S.J. Claessens, W.E. Featherstone, S.A. Holmes and P.Vaníček:
A synthetic Earth gravity model designed specifically for testing regional gravimetric geoid determination algorithms,
Journal of Geodesy, 80, 1-16 (2006).

S.J. Claessens:
New relations among associated Legendre functions and spherical harmonics,
Journal of Geodesy, 79, 398-406 (2005).

I. Baran, M.P. Stewart and S.J. Claessens:
A new functional model for determining minimum and maximum detectable deformation gradient resolved by satellite radar interferometry,
IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, 43, 675-682 (2005).