Cato T. Laurencin

University Professor
Institute for Regenerative Engineering
University of Connecticut Health Center

Fields of interest:

Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Regenerative Engineering, Drug Delivery

Recent publications:

P.L. Foley, B. D. Ulery, H.M. Kan, M. V. Burks, Z. Cui, L. S. Nair, C. T. Laurencin:
A chitosan thermogel for delivery of ropivacaine in regional musculoskeletal anesthesia
Biomaterials, 34 (10), 2539 (2013)

Y.E. Greish, J. D. Bender, A. Singh, L. S. Nair, P. W. Brown, H.R. Allcock, C. T. Laurencin:
Hydrolysis of Ca-deficient Hydroxyapatite Precursors in the Presence of Alanine-functionalized Polyphosphazene Nanofibers.
Ceram. Int., 39 (1), 519 (2013)

C. T. Laurencin, Y. M. Khan:
Regenerative engineering
Sci. Transl. Med., 4, 160ed9 (2012)

E. Jabbarzadeh, M. Deng, Q. Lv, T. Jiang, Y. Khan, L. S. Nair, C. T. Laurencin:
VEGF-incorporated biomimetic poly(lactide-co-glycolide) sintered microsphere scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
J. Biomed. Mater. Res. B Appl. Biomater., 100 (8), 2187 (2012)

M.S. Peach, R. James, U.S. Toti, M. Deng, N.L. Morozowich, H. R. Allcock, C. T. Laurencin, S.G. Kumbar:
Polyphosphazene functionalized polyester fiber matrices for tendon tissue engineering: in vitro evaluation with human mesenchymal stem cells
Biomed. Mater., 7 (4), 045016 (2012)

K.W.-H. Lo, B. D. Ulery, K.M. Ashe, H. M. Kan, C. T. Laurencin:
Evaluating the Feasibility of Utilizing Small Molecule Phenamil as a Novel Biofactor for Bone Regenerative Engineering
J. Tissue Eng. Regen. Med., doi: 10.1002/term.1573, (2012)

M. Deng, R. James, C. T. Laurencin, S. G. Kumbar:
Nanostructured polymeric scaffolds for orthopaedic regenerative engineering
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K.W.-H. Lo, B. D. Ulery, K.M. Ashe, C. T. Laurencin:
Studies of bone morphogenetic protein based surgical repair
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K.W.-H. Lo, H. M. Kan, K.M. Ashe, C. T. Laurencin:
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